E10 Motor Power Pack – Charging Cable Included


An E cable is always recommended for ease of use.

1 Enouvation Power Pack
1 Enouvation Charger
1 Product Instruction Sheet


At 10,000 mAh, the Enouvation E10 Power Pack offers the largest capacity in our lineup in the smallest footprint available providing up to 2,000 motorized functions on a single charge.* It is the most efficient power pack in the industry for power motion furniture, with more power at a fraction of the size.

Like all Enouvation Power Packs, the E10 is tested to multiple UL standards and certified, having gone through rigorous testing. It includes all standard features found in previous models including LED Power Indicator and interactive low power alert. Each Power Pack comes with its own charger in box.

Take advantage of the optional Remote Power Management features by using our Entelligent App. Quickly visualize your pack’s power level, review charging history, receive low power alerts/recharge reminders, and shut off power remotely in the app to conserve power when your pack is not in use.

*Functions are approximate and will vary depending on use and mechanism load. Any feature requiring constant power including lights, static touch buttons, and USB ports will dramatically decrease function counts and increase charging frequency. For more info, click “contact”.

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