RMT R8123B2045333 Linear Actuator for Recliner/Lift Chair


  • This actuator is designed specifically for models with the same R8123B2045333 model number, as well as other triple plug R8123 models that end with “045333”. If your actuator’s model number doesn’t end with 045333, this actuator won’t be a suitable replacement.

Please check the model number of the motor before ordering. If the model number does not match exactly to your motors model number, check with us before ordering to make sure that the motor is a suitable replacement.
Sometimes it may be noted in the description, if not check with us before ordering.


RMT R8123B2045333 Linear Actuator for Recliner/Lift Chair with Triple Plug


  • The R8123 has 3 types of plugs: single 2 pin male plug, double plug (2 pin male + 5 pin female), and triple plug (2 pin male + 2 pin female + 5 pin female)
  • The 2-pin male plug connects to the power adapter, and the 5-pin female plug connects to the remote controller, and the 2-pin female plug connects to the deputy motor
  •     Input: DC24V 2.1A
  •     Power: 50W
  •     Duty Cycle: 1min ON, 8min OFF

MODEL:  R8123B2045333

Weight 67.2 oz
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